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For a sustainable and 
resource-efficient agriculture


For a sustainable and resource-efficient agriculture

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Hay bale surveillance

Up to 4 farms per year fall victim to smoldering fires. This does not have to be!


smart irrigation

Higher efficiency in irrigation, less water consumption and a big step towards sustainability

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water management

Control water consumption in real time and manage water flow. Thanks to IoT technology, this happens regardless of location.


silo monitoring

Monitoring, measurement and management of fill level, temperature and gas concentration in biomass silos. This leads to more occupational safety and lower safety risks.

Image by Jim Witkowski

Agricultural forecasting systems

Agricultural forecasting systems help food producers to anticipate and draw conclusions from upcoming climatic changes. From this, risk-minimising measures can be taken to preserve the quality of the food. 

Image by Amos Bar-Zeev

cattle tracking & vital health monitoring

Health monitoring in cattle husbandry by monitoring ruminating behaviour and analysing feeding behaviour on grassland

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