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38% of global CO2 emissions result from the construction and building sector

How it works!

Weather data

Energy optimization and analytics

Energy optimization and analytics is particularly about maximising climate and human benefits. Through analytically analysed data, methods are developed to optimise and reduce energy consumption.

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Value Proposition

Through energy optimization and analytics, costs can be saved and thus an essential step towards sustainable building management can be taken. 

Lower CO2 emissions

less CO2 emissions thanks to optimized heating control.

Investment security

No longer perform operational & energy optimizations blindly.

Up to 10-20% less heating energy

with an automated heating optimization you get even more efficiency out of your buildings than with a manual optimization.

lower utility costs

not only the environment can rejoice, tenants can also benefit from lower ancillary costs.

Transparent data basis enables objectification

Indoor climate data enable early detection of possible mould and moisture problems. Data also objectify the discussion in case of tenant complaints. 

Improved comfort

Predictive control of heating avoids temperature peaks and thus improves comfort.

Holistic overview of building emissions

Through real-time energy analysis, valuable data can be read from a building, which flows into analysis and monitoring. With a clever algorithm in combination with real-time weather, the heating in the basement, for example, can be controlled via LoRa technology. In this way, one can not only react but also act prophylactically, i.e. heat before a cold front even arrives. 


Indoor climate



Indoor climate

controlls heating

Energy optimization and analytics implemented in six steps

With our six-step process flow, you will always be accompanied by our team from the problem to the optimal solution.


Customer inquiry


Walk-trough documents

Inspection planning

Material Electrical installation manual

Measurement concept, Documentation Finished, electrical installation


Inital data 

Documentation Measurement concept

Documentation Measurement concept

Labeling Provision of devices Functioning setup

Construction work completed Equipment installed on site

Acceptance protocol Last update measurement concept

Configuration backend
& devices

Electrical installation

Commissioning + plausibility check

Planning installation



Success Stories

Read our blog entries and let yourself be inspired by the projects we have already implemented and the experiences we have made. 

Are you ready for Energy optimization and analytics?


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