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Industrial IoT & automation solutions for the industry 4.0


Connect your plants and factory for efficient and smart production.

Anker 1

Leakage detection

Use intelligent measuring sensors to detect where a leak could occur or where there is one. Manage and monitor your pipes in real time.

Image by Samuel  Sianipar

Inventory management

Keep an overview of the goods throughput in your warehouse by measuring stock levels in real time. Trigger messages for automatic orders to keep stock levels constant.

Lager Regale

Flow metering

Monitoring is simple and effective for managing and improving your operation with a flow rate. With a flow sensor, you can monitor how much is being consumed and where there are deviations. All this in real time and independent of location.

Image by Sigmund

Energy management ISO 50'001

If your company is changing its process to become ISO 50001 certified, our IoT solutions can be an important step towards achieving this standard.

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