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Smart metering - your connection to the future of energy

How it works!

Weather data

Smart Metering

Unlike previous meters, smart meters go one step further in keeping up with the latest technology. With smart metering, readings are no longer taken by hand; instead, the intelligent, networked meters report the consumption data of resources and energies such as water, gas, or electricity automatically and in real time. The collected data is read in and evaluated as part of an intelligent network via the Tesenso Cloud and displayed directly on dashboards. These smart meters are interesting and relevant for private households as well as for companies.

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Value Proposition

With smart metering, many different advantages take place, whereby many things become simpler. For example, there is no longer any need for a manual reading to record the consumption of electricity. This is recorded by the meter in real time, which saves personnel and administrative resources. With the help of smart metering, the user can see exactly at what point in time he consumes what amount, to find out how consumption is developing and where it could be optimized. The high level of transparency can increase energy efficiency, reduce resource consumption, and peak loads on supply networks, as well as the costs for network expansion or energy production.

Compliance with labels and certificates

With smart metering, compliance with labels and certificates is easy to achieve. 

Find hidden potential

localize potential for operational optimization

Ecological action

Demonstrate your energy efficiency and sustainability achievements to tenants and the public and promote your green image

Data as a planning basis

Detailed energy data provide a valuable planning basis for future refurbishments of technical building equipment.

Impressive reports

Stunning reports that inspire and make data exciting


Sustainability and transparency are not just goals, they are part of the business.

Holistic overview of Smart Metering

Smart metering is of central importance to meet the future requirements of energy supply. Smart meters are also specified in the federal government's Energy Strategy 2050 and 80% of Swiss households are to be equipped with a smart meter by 2027.

Smart meters are installed at the end user of energy and are the basis for intelligent measurement, monitoring and control of smart metering. Thus, in the building, consumption data from gas, electricity, water, and district heating meters are recorded, stored, and sent to the Tesenso Cloud. Based on this data, consumers and storage facilities can be combined in a precisely fitting way, bills can be created, maintenance teams can be assigned, customer services can be improved, and consumers can be informed about their current electricity consumption. Smart metering is an aspect of big data where big data from smart metering systems is stored, processed, and analyzed with special solutions to ultimately match energy production, storage facilities and consumers.

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Energy optimization and analytics implemented in six steps

With our six-step process flow, you will always be accompanied by our team from the problem to the optimal solution.


Customer inquiry


Walk-trough documents

Inspection planning

Material Electrical installation manual

Measurement concept, Documentation Finished, electrical installation


Inital data 

Documentation Measurement concept

Documentation Measurement concept

Labeling Provision of devices Functioning setup

Construction work completed Equipment installed on site

Acceptance protocol Last update measurement concept

Configuration backend
& devices

Electrical installation

Commissioning + plausibility check

Planning installation



Success Stories

Read our blog entries and let yourself be inspired by the projects we have already implemented and the experiences we have made. 

Are you ready for Energy optimization and analytics?

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