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Tesenso LoRa Edge



The Tesenso Edge Indoor Gateways are a product family of affordable fully LoRaWAN® compatible Gateways.
The small form-factor, integrated interfaces like Ethernet, WIFI, mini PCI-E and its underlying LinuxOS allows to
integrate these gateways easily into any infrastructure. The Gateway can be easily confgured to communicate
with any LoRaWAN compatible cloud service.


Key benefits

  • LoRaWAN Gateway Chipset

  • ETSI Listen Before Talk (LBT) / Channel Scanning Support

  • Available for 868/915/780 MHz (ETSI/FCC/CCC)

  • 4 product lines: low cost, design, cellular, outdoor

  • 2 OEM product lines: PCI-E Mini card, USB-Stick

  • Easily configurable and extensible Linux-based OS

  • Can run local Linux apps

  • Ethernet, WIFI, USB, Mini PCI-E

  • Optional Cellular Extension (3G/4G Card)

  • Professional cooling concept

  • Integrated antennas

  • Cost-effective for massive volume indoor applications

  • Multiprotocol extensions: mini PCI-E cards add IoT
    additional protocols like EnOcean, ZigBee, Z-WAVE, Wireless M-Bus or KNX Wireless


  • LoRa Alliance® LoRaWAN gateway

  • Up to -142.5 dBm sensitivity with LNA

  • Up to 30 dBm output power

  • Plenty of resources available for the integration of custom applications

  • Versions available for 868, 915 and 780 MHz ISM bands

  • Dual-Band LoRa-Option 868/815 + 2.4 GHz.

  • Antenna options: external stub / external (RP-)SMA

  • Certifed for Europe (CE), U.S. (FCC*), China (CCC*)

  • Supports 2.4 GHz LoRa-Option

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