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Tesenso M-Bus



The Tesenso M-Bus LoRa Bridge enables the reading of all energy meters with the M-Bus interface according to EN 13757-2, -3. 

When connecting existing energy meters in buildings, there is often the issue that the meters are already connected to a building management system, billing system or remote reading system of the energy utility. In the past, M-Bus splitters had to be used to get access to the data. With the Tesenso M-Bus LoRa Bridge we have solved this problem. Just hang in between and receive data for your energy management.

How it works

The measuring frequency of the meter can be configured (1x/day, 1x/hour or 1x/15min) as well as the frequency of data transmission with LoRa (for example at 1x/day, 1x/hour, 1x/5min).



M-Bus in


M-Bus out

M-Bus in

  • Scada System

  • Utility 

M-Bus out

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