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How IoT can reduce the costs of property management

A federal enterprise relies on IoT to optimise the costs of maintenance and cleaning contracts, reduce vacancies in space management, improve maintenance cycles of technical equipment and air quality.

Initial situation

  • Existing rigid maintenance contracts

  • Fixed costs independent of actual demand

  • Vacancies in space management

  • Empty runs in management

  • IoT sensors already installed on test facility for various physical variables

  • Possibility of integration for further simple applications is being examined

The challenge was to find out how extensively rooms are used by meetings and what the prevailing indoor air quality is. Also whether sanitary facilities could be managed according to frequency of use. How many openings and closings of a gate or barrier can take place between two maintenance appointments, as well as a level-dependent management of recycling stations is possible. Whether the reading of energy meter data is possible should also be clarified.


  • Technical and financial requirements

  • Preparation and visualisation of data in individually modifiable dashboards

  • Location-independent access from any device to the platform with real-time data

  • Automatic alarm messages in case of events and violations of limit values

  • Easy handling and integration of interfaces to IoT solutions


Tesenso was able to solve the various high requirements and challenges with its many years of know-how and a holistic solution from a single source. The requirements for the various physical mass units can each be displayed via integrated dashboards. Pattern recognition, event reporting and the requirement for a flexibly displayable dashboard on the platform are thus guaranteed.

Added value

  • Increased productivity of employees and more efficient cleaning processes

  • Reduction of sick days due to improved indoor air quality

  • Usage analysis of the premises via number of persons in real time

  • Optimisation of office space and infrastructure costs

  • Reduction of no-shows through needs assessment

The added value achieved through the Tesenso solution completely covers all desired requirements and needs. For example, the analysis of room occupancy and the improved air quality can specifically increase the health and quality of work of the employees. Increased productivity, reduction of no-shows, reduction of sick days, on-demand emptying of recycling centres and lower CO2 costs are just a few more examples. Through the transparency of processes, higher quality of the working environment and massive resource savings, a much higher efficiency of property management can be achieved.

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Products used in this project:

  • miro Edge

  • miro LogiButton

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