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Water - The new oil of the 21st century?

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Hawido AG & Tesenso @ Abu Dhabu Sustainability Week

As the first major sustainability event after the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow 2021, Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2022 brought together the global community. Participants included presidents, prime ministers, policy makers, industry experts, technology pioneers and young sustainability leaders. Sustainability is no longer just a trendy word or an economic advantage, but a responsibility that every company and every state bears in the social, ecological and economic spheres.

Switzerland, as a globally leading and reliable partner in the field of innovation, can help to achieve the goals set by all nations as well as by Switzerland and the UAE in the field of sustainability. So it was no surprise that at the Swiss Pavilion of Switzerland Global Enterprise, Tesenso GmbH and its partner Hawido AG were on hand to promote their technology in a joint effort. The two companies seized the opportunity to showcase one of the best innovative solutions they have to offer in the field of water supply.

f.l.t.r Fabian Uetz (Tesenso GmbH), Massimo Baggi (Ambassador UAE), Massimo Galliziali (Hawido AG)

The companies complement each other perfectly. Hawido AG provides the cornerstone of the presented solution with the control of entire water networks on a digital level. Tesenso, as an expert in the IoT sector, combines the control with the holistic software and hardware solution to enable direct measurement and retrieval at any time from anywhere.

Added value

The value proposition for customers is nothing less than: "Save the world's most precious resource and set a good example.

Water is the new oil of the 21st century and already a very scarce commodity in many places around the world. Even in the event country of the UAE, with high temperatures and cities built in deserts, efficient water use is urgent. On average, two pipes are connected every 6 metres to build a drinking water distribution system. In a large city, there can be over 20,000 such pipe connections. Each of these pipe connections is a potential point for a leak, especially if the pressure in the network is too high. Even a very small leak in a drinking water pipe can result in a loss of 9 drops of water per minute. Over the course of a year, this adds up to an incredible 6,132 litres of water that can result from a small leak due to high pressure.

The joint stand of Hawido AG and Tesenso GmbH at the Swiss Pavilion


With Hawido AG's water management solution, the drinking water network of an entire city can be regulated and monitored. Per control valve, the pressure levels, the flow and the strainer in the individual parts of the water supply can be controlled and flushed out remotely. Lower and stable pressure levels in the drinking water pipes reduce water loss through small leaks, and reduce maintenance costs by up to 70%. This ensures efficient use of clean drinking water and protects water, the most important resource, from unnecessary consumption.

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