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With our services, you will always find the tailor-made solution for your challenges.

The way to your full IoT solution

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IoT Consulting

Your IoT project will be successful if the business model and technology are right. 


The feasibility and potential of your IoT project can be seen and experienced here. 

Hardware Engineering

We develope and provide a wide range of robust and intelligent hardware in a cost-effective manner.

Software & Data Platform

Our IoT platform enables rapid development, management, and scaling of your IoT project. 

First Serie

After the proof of concept and the MVP, it is crucial to consistently drive forward the industrialisation of the software and hardware. 


The experience, feedback and learning from the 0-series will be implemented in the next series in order to achieve the final series maturity.

Serial production

With our network of manufacturing and assembly partners, we strive for high production quality.


For us, logistic is much more than just packaging and shipping.

100% non binding

limited access

Individual solution

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