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Do you know if all your shopping trolleys are in the right place?

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Shopping trolley tracking

Shopping Trolley Tracking makes shopping trolleys better and smarter. By combining a localisation function with IoT solutions from Tesenso, all shopping trolleys are easily located anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Indoors, the walking routes of visitors, the duration of shopping trips or even the utilisation load of the entire trolley park can be analysed. This makes optimisations possible for current Covid-19 efforts or to optimise the flow of visitors in the car park and the shopping shop.

Value Proposition

Through the IoT technology, stolen shopping trolleys can be located, efficient and effective shopping trolley maintenance is possible, and a management tool is implemented with which one always has the right number and type of shopping trolleys in the right place at the right time. With shopping trolley tracking, tedious on-site investigations and long walks to find missing or defective shopping trolleys and place them in the right place will be a thing of the past.

Compliance with labels and certificates

Energy controlling makes compliance with labels and certificates easily achievable. 

Data as a planning basis

Detailed energy data provides a valuable planning basis for future renovations of technical building systems

Stunning reports

Stunning reports that inspire and make data exciting

Find hidden potential

localize potential for operational optimization

Environmental action

demonstrate your energy efficiency and sustainability successes towards tenants and the general public as well as promote your green image


Sustainability and transparency are not just goals, they are part of the operation.

Measure customer satisfaction during a purchase through shopping cart tracking.

Shopping trolley tracking can be installed in any type of building, indoors or outdoors. By installing sensors on the shopping trolleys and gateways in the infrastructure, it is possible to read out any necessary data. By analysing this data and projecting an overview map and any other data you require, you can easily answer the following questions in real time:

  • What is the number of my shopping trolleys in all locations?

  • Where are abandoned or even broken shopping trolleys?

  • What is the condition and distribution of all shopping trolleys in my fleet?

  • Which shopping trolleys are preferred and at which location is the usage highest?

  • From where to where are the shopping trolleys used, where are there route optimisations and how long does a customer visit take?

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Shopping trolley tracking implemented in six steps

With our six-step process flow, you will always be accompanied by our team from the problem to the optimal solution.


Customer inquiry


Walk-trough documents

Inspection planning

Material Electrical installation manual

Measurement concept, Documentation Finished, electrical installation

Configuration backend
& devices

Electrical installation

Commissioning + plausibility check

Planning installation




Inital data 

Documentation Measurement concept

Documentation Measurement concept

Labeling Provision of devices Functioning setup

Construction work completed Equipment installed on site

Acceptance protocol Last update measurement concept

Success Stories

Are you ready for shopping trolley tracking?


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