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Countless reasons to work with Tesenso

Why Tesenso

Build your full stack IoT solution from a single source.

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Ready to use applications for your IoT Use Case 

Turnkey applications for your IoT use case to easily start and grow with your IoT project and your customers.

Faster time to market of your IoT solution to your customers

Get to market faster with rapid application development. Use industrial Internet of Things platforms to transform legacy assets and add new functionalities.

Adaptations and system integration from a single source

From prototypes, to initial series, to mass production. Benefit from our expertise and our strong network of development and production partners.

Unlimited scalability for your IoT project and it's customers 

Make products, services, and factory opterations safer and more scalable. Improve service quality, reliability and satisfaction.

Deep knowledge in electronics and IoT hardware production 

The development and production of your IoT hardware is in the best hands with Tesenso. Our specialists have years of experience.

Flexible implementation of company-specific requirements 

Every company has specific requirements. Tesenso analyses your requirements in detail and development the solution consistently for your needs.

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